Ease, 2019

Leap of faith, 2019

Hearing aid, 2019

Stairway from heaven, 2019

Demon, 2019

Safe space, 2019

Evergreen, 2019

Into the heartlands, 2019

Unripe, 2018

As if the ice kept me still, 2019

As if the ice kept me still, 2019

Scorched-earth policy, 2018

Liabilities, 2018

Liabilities, 2018

Does it eat you alive or does it make you feel alive, 2018

Does it eat you alive or does it make you feel alive, 2018

Natural mess, 2018

Natural mess, 2018

Icarus, 2018

(A)VOID, 2018

Eruption, 2018

All the walls I've built, 2017

Deep dive in the darkest night, 2017

Current control, 2017

Stable as ever, 2017

Abandoned absence, 2017

First aid, 2016

Covered by forest, 2016
is according to Finnish folklore a place or a state, where a person can get while walking in nature.
In the myth a familiar forest can turn into completely unrecognizable, all wrong and silent. Victim is also invisible to other people while this happens.
Some get out by their own, others with help of some spells – and a few gets lost for ever.

Etiäinen, 2016

is according to Finnish folklore, a "reflection" which goes ahead of each person. For example: you can see etiäinen coming home as your spouse and walking into kitchen. When you take a better look, the whole sight is gone. In a few minutes the front door opens and your spouse comes home and walks into kitchen, this time for real. So, etiäinen does the same things in advance as real humans do a little bit later. Every one of us has their own etiäinen, gotten when three days old – some have stronger, some weaker.

Näkki, 2016
or a vesihiisi is a traditional bad spirit that lives in rivers and lakes. It lures unlucky bypassers to get into water, and then pulls them under the surface. It's said that Näkki is a soul of a drowned person, who haunts people to find peace. Parents scare their children with stories of Näkki, so they won't go to the waterfront alone.

The final stream, 2016
It was common to believe that when a person died, they had to cross a dark river to get to the other side. On the other side was Tuonela and eternal rest. Depending on person's former life, had they to pass the stream either by a boat or by swimming. But the current was strong, and some didn't manage to the opposite shore.

Roaming in the night, avoiding the city lights, 2017

Roaming in the night, avoiding the city lights, 2017

Breakingpoint, 2015

21 years, 2015

Opium, 2014

We'll never have to do it again, 2015

Human business, 2014

Stretch, 2014

Spring flu, 2016

Absolute, 2014

Decay, 2015